ALTER STREET is a video series that showcases some of todays most diverse and intriguing artists. We posed to them the questions; Why do you create art? Where does that drive come from and how did you get started? You will get to peek behind the curtain and see the artists in their studios. There you will witness their process and hear their thoughts behind their work. Our goal it to help inspire people and artists of all kinds, young and old and shine a bright light on artists we feel everyone should know about.

Every Month a new artist will be featured along with a small run Limited Edition Print that is Exclusive to Alter Street. An Archival Print that is signed and number by the artist and embossed with an Alter Street stamp of authenticity.

These stunning videos are produced, shot and edited by OSBX FILMS and we hope you see them as pieces of art as well. If you enjoy the series don't keep it to yourself, let us know about it and then spread the word about the amazing artists on Alter Street to everyone you know. 'Like' us and 'share' us on Facebook, tweet it to your followers and email the link anyone that can use a little inspiration.
OSBX FILMS is the collaboration of J. DeVirgilis and Joseph Hasenauer. They have been creating work for the big and small screen for over 10 years. Working commercially for national brands like BHLDN, Powerade, RCA, Motorola and Big Brothers Big Sisters. Their true passion, however, lies in independent filmmaking, whether narrative or documentary we feel we bring a certain visual esthetic to the shooting and editing. This comes for their sincere love of the craft that is filmmaking. In 2013 J. and Joseph co-founded Alter Street, a web based art series.
J. DeVIRGILIS is a producer, director, editor and one half of OSBX Creative Group. J. started working in the art departments of music video and on commercial sets, eventually making his way to the infomercial world where he learned to direct and edit. After Joseph Hasenauer crashed his Christmas party, they began to collaborate as osbx creative group in 2000. They have produced thousands of hours of film and video for a diverse group of clients ranging from really cool ones with no budget to halfway decent budgets for big corporations. J. lives and works in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with his wife, Megan and dog, Taco.
JOSEPH HASENAUER started in illustration and his 20 year career has given him the opportunity to work in print design, photography, painting and filmmaking. No matter what medium he is working in, it is the storytelling that intrigues him the most; exploring not only visual beauty, but, also the emotion aspect of every piece. And, as with most artists, he is fueled by whiskey, rock 'n roll and beautiful women.